Intro Webinars

Introduction to ExpressionEngine

Get a rundown on ExpressionEngine v3 & its new features

Now Featuring the New v.3See the new EE version 3 & how it compares to previous versions

Tour of the Control PanelGet an inside look at the important back-end setup

Publishing and Editing ContentSee how an entry gets published, edited, and managed

Folder and File ManagementSee how essential system and site files are setup

Real-world ExamplesSee live demos using actual projects & real-world examples

Live Q&A SesssionHave specific questions? Get the answers you need right away

New to ExpressionEngine?

Join our free and informative webinar, geared towards those who are just getting to know EE v3, whether you’re evaluating it for your agency, company, or organization.

A really great introduction to Expression Engine. I love your heart to share all about "your world" in Expression Engine and how you use it all all the great industry secrets you share. – Nathan
The webinar really does give you a look into EE and what you can do with it. I thought it was informative and I even got some cool sites to visit to learn even more. – Lindgren

Coming from EE v2.x?

For those who have been using ExpressionEngine v2.x, we compare the major differences between the v2.x and v3.x, and what you should consider before upgrading.


  • What's different from EE v2?
  • New ExpressionEngine v3 features
  • Tour of the control panel
  • Adding & managing content
  • Working with templates
  • Helpful resources & communities

Course Info

  • 06 / 14
  • 2 pm–3 pm ET
  • 1 Hour
  • Free