Beyond a fresh coat of paint

Beyond a fresh coat of paint

Yes, it's been way too long. We finally took some time out of our schedule to redesign, recode, and relaunch But we have more updates than just a new look.

Now Covering EE v3.x

ExpressionEngine is still going strong. For those new to ExpressionEngine, I have some great news. Our Beginner to ExpressionEngine video course now contains over 24 hours of practical, best-practice, comprehensive install-to-launch training that covers both new v3 as well as v2.

If you are building a site with sophisticated functionality like calendar, membership, e-commerce, multi-site manager, and more, our Advanced ExpressionEngine will be an invaluable resource.

Even better, the price has been significantly lowered. The both sets are now only $260.

Expert Live Training

To go beyond video training, consider our live training services. 1-on-1 Live Training is an hourly training session that focuses on your project and its unique set of challenges and issues. 

If you have a complex project up ahead, take a look at our Co-Pilot Program. Scheduled over a longer period of time, we'll work alongside as a dependable & supportive expert in your corner to see you through the initial server setup, design considerations, complete site building, site launch, and beyond.

Thank you!

For the past 5 years, we've had a lot of fun sharing what we've learned with you. We're still passionate about teaching ExpressionEngine, and look forward to doing the same. Thank you to everyone who joined us over the years!